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March 8, 2012 – 4:36 am |

Hai Van is the highest pass in Vietnam.  It is fill of perilous obstacles and the last spur of the Truong Son range reaching to the sea. Hai Van pass lies on national highway 1A …

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Come find white sand-dunes, green rolling hills, lakes covered in lotus blossoms, and even crocodiles. Come find the natural beauty of Yangbay.

From Cam Ranh Airport, a town road meanders past rosy lotus petals and mango groves, laden with their fruit dangling over the ground. About half an hour further by car sits Khanh Phu commune in Khanh Vinh District, the home of  attraction. Yangbay is known as the most beautiful waterfall in the coastal area of Vietnam.

In the Raglay language (one of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities) “Yangbay” means “sky falls” or “oh dear.” Located in the mountainous forests about 45 km from Nha Trang City, Yangbay is 100meters above sea level. With the fresh climate half in the mountains and half in the plains, Yangbay is particularly known for its brightly colored spring.

Tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the falls and to bathe in the fresh and cool water, which are good swimming areas because the Yangbay current is not so swift. Its streams are often likened to the hair of a girl wandering through eroded rocks. The falls are 20 meters high and flow 200 meters into two small lakes called Voi Dam (Elephant Wallowing Lake) and has a depth of 16 meters. The two smaller lakes are three meters deep. Following the Cau River upstream leads to the source of the falls, a scenic spot in the forest with grottoes named H1 and H2, a deep ravine and Yangbay falls No. 2.

The food at Yangbay are as attractive as the scenery. The menu lists very strange and mouth-watering dishes – such as termites stewed with herbal leaves, crocodile stuffed with lotus roots, ostrich stewed with fruit, grilled Yangbay fresh water fish, beef cooked in sugarcane juice, royal grilled beef, and royal raw fish. The meal is typically washed down with a cup of hot lotus tea.

There is also an interesting game: a pig race. If your pig wins the race then your prize is a chubby wooden pig engraved with “Yangbay Pig Race,” a reminder of this unique place and unique race.

After the afternoon pig race, the sun is usually setting. The golden light shines on the grassy road and gardens. Tourists typically follow the race by wandering through small paths lined with flowers and meticulously trimmed ornamental trees to a crocodile-raising pond. Hundreds of crocodiles lay on the bank of the pond under the late afternoon sun. they appear quite lazy, laying about with gaping mouths. Children take particular interest in watching these lethargic reptiles.

Yangbay is really a wonderful escape for those seeking alternative thrills. Come here and see with your own eyes the beautiful natural hilly landscape, the clear and cool water, and the strange pig racing. Reflecting an unusual side of Vietnam, Yangbay is an unparalleled delight.